Is there a parking lot?

A.Sorry. There is no available private parking.
I will tell you a public parking near here if you come by car. Please contact us.


How old can you do it from?

A.If a girl or boy who is the first grader, I think she or he can do it. Of course there are individual differences.


I have no experience to making wagashi. Is it all right to do it?

A.Of course, it’s all right. You are welcome, if you are beginner.
Most of people who join us are beginners. You can make wagashi in our class because the lesson is so easy that the beginner can do it. Also you are welcome, if you are used to making wagashi. Please come to making wagashi with us.


Can I participate in the lesson alone?

A.Yes, you can. Please feel free to join us even alone, because the class has an at-home atmosphere.


What should I bring?

A.Nothing, if you participate in a seasonal lesson.


Is it a membership system?

A.No, it isn’t. You pay the lesson fee each time.


Do you have the trial lesson? Can I visit to look it?

A. Currently, we have no trial lesson. We refuse permission to just come and look.


Is the reservation necessary?

A.Yes, it is. Our lessons are by reservation-only.
Please make a reservation by the noon the day before your preferred date.


Do you have any rule about cancellation or change of the reservation?

A.Yes. If you cancel your reservation, please contact us by the noon the day before your reservation day.
If you cancel your reservation on the reserved day, you have to pay the total amount.
We appreciate your understanding.


How do I pay the lesson fee?

A.Please pay it in cash on that lesson day.


What kind of lesson do you do?

A.You make hi-grade Japanese fresh confections we call Nerikiri(usu. Colorful sculpted mochi in seasonal designs around been paste) or daily Japanese sweets such as rice cakes or steamed buns or sweet beans jelly.
You can take home Japanese sweets that you made in the classroom.


How long is the Japanese sweets good for?

A.Soft fresh sweets are good for approximately 1 or 2 days, and baked sweets are for a few days, dry Japanese sweets are for half year
If it is refrigerated, it will be good for more than a few months. But there is the difference of keeping quality between home-made one and selling one. Please eat one you made early.


How many people maximum can join the class?

A. It is all right for up to ten people. Right now three people.


Can I join the class even if I have an allergy?

A.Nerikiri that is used in our class is gluten-free. Please contact us if you have any worries about allergies.